FRIGOVENT air curtains for cold store doors and freezer rooms
THERMOVENT air curtains for service doors and factory gates

What characterizes FRIGOVENT air door systems?

1. Air curtain in cantilever construction for mounting on large gates

The housing of the air curtain system can be mounted cantilevered over a distance up to 8 meters. During assembly, the system is placed on two brackets, which are mounted next to the door opening. On the brackets, the air curtains can be pushed in an optimal position to the door ope-
ning. So the Thermovent is particulary suitable for extra-wide door openings with overhead doors, sliding gates and rolling doors. These doors can move freely behind the air curtain system.

FRIGOVENT air curtain system


FRIGOVENT air curtain system above sliding door for cold rooms

2. Even in continuous operation extremely
low power consumption and quiet

We use energy saving fans of ebmpapst - made in Germany. These blowers are equipped with electronically commutated DC motors.

The ebmpapst EC motors are the result of a very complex development. These motors work with an extremely low power consumption.

They are very simple and very suitable for continuous operation and characterized by a very low operating noise.

The power consumption at full load is only half as high as of normal motors.

With our FRIGOVENT air curtains, the speed is regulated down.
Then the power consumption falls further analogous to the speed.


3. High operating safety

Whenever the door is opened, a proximity switch activates the air curtain just when the door is removed from the switch. So the fans are already powered up when the door is fully opened. This is a special switch. It is completely sealed without any moving parts. It is totally waterproofed and works with an operating current of only 24 volts. It is a security switch, which cannot cause any electrical accidents.

Technic air door system


FRIGOVENT air curtain sideview

4. Laminar homogeneous turbulence-free airflow

Thermovent air curtains can be installed on the warm or cold side of the wall above the door. We suggest the installation on the warm side.
The blowers draw in warm air from the higher indoor range and blow it through the outlet nozzle with the air rectifier down.
This rectifier is made out of hundreds of small blowpipes. In this way a turbulence-free particularly homogeneous air stream is
The air stream is sufficient with the large Thermovent FLS to reach eight meter far to the ground. Heating of the air stream for a good function is not neccessary.


5. Fast and easy service

The system is controlled electronically.
There is a slide-in control with the electronics and all critical components, such as:

- The control of the fan speed
- The circuit of the fan by contactless relays
- The generation of the safety current - 24 Volt DC - for the proximity switch
- The waterproof connector for this switch

In case of failure, this slide-in control can be pulled by the operator and exchanged with a new one quickly. This eliminates time-consuming troubleshooting and quick repair.
So a global fast service is available.


6. Very long life, quiet, maintenance-free and reliable

The system is made corrosion-resistant and sound-insulated.
The outlet nozzle consists of a modern sandwich, core material - plastic with painted aluminum surfaces.
Very good properties with respect to insulation, corrosion and stability.
The blowers have the protection class IP 44 and are galvanized.
The remaining Thermovent parts are produced from solid polyethylen.
The consoles and all screws - are made from stainless steel. Very long life, quiet, maintenance-
free and reliable.