FRIGOVENT air curtains for cold store doors and freezer rooms
THERMOVENT air curtains for service doors and factory gates

Why do you benefit from air curtains?

Expensive cold air leakage through the open cold room doors or freezer room doors.

Opening doors of coldrooms and deep freezing rooms causes high energy costs because of the air interchange.
At the ground level cold and heavy air flows outdoors, while the warm external air flows inside (fig.1).
The warm air has to be cooled. This burns up additional energy for cooling.


The harmful effects of air exchange are expensive and hinder the workflow.

The high amount of moisture of the incoming warm air can cause icing damages. Icing on the ceiling, goods and on the floor (Danger of black ice).
Frosted vaporiser have to be defrosted with lots of energy input.
There is a handicap of view because of frosted strip curtains and swing doors.


Frigovent air curtains are the perfect solution for you.

The installation is above the door. Opening the door will automatically start the FRIGOVENT air curtain.
The specially air flow covers immediately the whole door opening. Cold air and warm air are effectively separated by an invisible air barrier (fig.2).
Warm air cannot flow in, cold air cannot escape.

Without air curtain

Open door without air curtain

fig. 1
Open door without air curtain
Opening the door of a coldroom or freezing room causes an air flow of cold and heavy air outside at the ground level, while you have an infiltration of warm air above.


With air curtain

Open door with air curtain

fig. 2
Open door with air curtain
FRIGOVENT air curtains create an unique air barrier, in order to avoid, that cold air can escape and warm air can infiltrate the cold storage or freezing room.


FRIGOVENT air curtains are the perfect solution